The Dolly’s Enigma

Oh, what a shame for you-
A travesty most sick,
That you’re not a normal China doll
And would die by the slightest pin prick.

I ask of you
Why can’t you make me pretty?
My skin so porcelain white
My eyes could light up a city
I’d be a splendid sight
Though the only thing you’ve done
Is make me far more fragile
Than a china doll
Leaving me to be shunned

You know why, death
And you know good and well.
You’re my doppelgänger
And I’d wear the face of hell!
Tell you what, here’s a treat:
You’ll meet your end this eve
But I’ll let you die beautifully

Now I must wonder
Think it through and ponder
Would I trade my life
Of being ugly and full of disdain
To one last night of beauty and no pain?
Can I bear the rest of my life
On these dusty shelves of strife?
But they say that death is not the worst of evils
Compared to my life, a one so dull

You’re the lucky one of us
The chance to leave life’s despair.
I have to stay for indefinite years,
My skin withering
With the scabs on my ears.
Little dear,
Oh little dear,
You’ve got it the best,
Now hurry, come here!

But… Old maid
What happens after death?
To take my life and trade
To hear the last rising of my breath?
Am I far too young
Just a little doll
With a tiny heart, so stung
Oh, can’t you hear my wailing call?
My soul is in a long war
You’ve left my brain useless and poor.

Wealth can never be had
Which we are still alive.
True richness comes in
Retrospect of a corner life.
I don’t have the virtue
To look back at mine with pride
So with this stab I’ll steal your youth
And you’ll be dead I become you!

This thought gives ms quite a fright
(and a ghastly image in sight)
Don’t take my youth away
In far too innocence, please
I think now I’ll stay dear maid.
You must learn to repent
For we both yearn to be quite fair
To be looked upon and stared
To have new beauty would make me vain
And soon I’d be filled with much more pain.

Repent, you suggest
Are you saying this in jest?
A witch has never done such before
And I will not, I repeat, not be the first.
I’m meant to wreak havoc and ruin mirth
I’ll murder and murder and kill once more.
It’s all I’ve ever known, call it a curse.

This curse you wish to bestow on me
Is really your curse, you see
You’ve taken all of time’s past
And made it to your very last
He’s ticking oh too fast
But remember your little deal
You gave me a choice, it’s true
I’ve decided to stay alive
And continue for hopes and dreams to strive

No! You ungrateful child!
That petty pin prick
Meeting your plaster skin
Would be a morality most mild.
Why would you choose to stay?
The world of sin was not
Designed for a spoiled child’s play.

I hadn’t meant to live as a mere existence
I dream big, for instance
What I’d I became a queen of some sort
And built a grand, lovely fort?
Perhaps I could help the ill and poor
Cure the bodies who are diseased and sore.
Why, I don’t live in child’s play
You’re the only pulling my parts, I say!

Pulling your parts, prideful schmuck?
Why, I only do that with warlocks!
That’s right, I was born a Jewish witch
(my family doesn’t know I went magical, bitch).
Anywho, what are ambitions this day and age?
All I see is apathy and decreasing minimum wage.

You can try and crush these thoughts
But I know you’ll be left to rot
Though I may die
My soul will enter with a sigh
To a story of a little voodoo girl
Her life a mess, all in a whirl
Though you may try and steal my youth
With your snarky lies, worthy of a sleuth
Forever you will remain grumpy
And so very, very frumpy.

Are you implying I’m a hag?
That my once lady lumps now sag?
You know, you’re not all that yourself!
You’re simply a dog who dwells on a shelf.
Your dreams can’t go deeper than
Toying with Ken in a toy mini van.
You see, your life is a toy in it’s own.
To let you die is to throw you a bone.

Perhaps you are getting a bit too old
Your heart is far too cold
And you seem to have lived longer than me
But I glimpse more than your eye can see
Why must you live on the hard life?
I swear I’ve put down the knife.
I’m drawing the line right here
And I shall go with no fear

Fine! Be gone then,
My delicate dolly friend.
May your feckless youth
Catch up with you,
Correct you for this wrong.
You’ve opted to endure it through
Though remember, life is long.

I will accept this challenge at this rate
Whatever life brings, come at it, fate.
I’ll never glance back at my wretched past
It was so slow, but now fast
I seek a new future with hope
Not to be with you and mope
I bid you adieu
But one more thing:
Screw you.

A collaboration between the late theshadowofexistence & catatonicexhibitionist

07/23/12 at 4:17pm
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